Advanced Fonts Viewer

Advanced Fonts Viewer 5.1

It is available in Brazilian Portuguese, English, Russian and German

Advanced Font Viewer 5.1 by Alexander G. Styopkin is the latest released version of this program for Windows. This program is installed in English as the default language, but now we can choose another program language between Brazilian Portuguese (New Feature), English, Russian and German. Language selection can be done on the go, from the user's interface. It is possible to download the trial version available from the developer's website and evaluate it for a 21-day period. Advanced Font Viewer provides a useful tool for searching, managing, viewing, uninstalling, and printing our fonts. It is very easy to use and users do not need to have computer experience to work with it. It shows all the fonts we have installed in our computer. We can remove those we do not need. It can be fully customized to our preferences. These are the tabbed options available: Installed, Selected, Zoom, Charmap, Info, Metrics, Browser, Duplicate Detector, Doctor, Organizer, Finder and Renamer. It runs under the following operating systems: Windows 2000, XP, and Vista.

Review summary


  • NEW: Available in Brazilian Portuguese
  • Free Trial Version


  • Not a cheap solution
  • The Register Now pop up Windows is opening all the time
  • The trial version only allows to view our fonts once
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