Advanced Fonts Viewer

Advanced Fonts Viewer 5.0

With Advanced Font Viewer we can see all the fonts installed in our system
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With Advanced Font Viewer we can handle our fonts and select between all of them for create our projects.
When we open the program we can find one toolbar and one window with twelve tags.
Installed is the first tag that we can find and we can see there our installed fonts, in the selected tag we can find our fonts selection, the other tags are: zoom, charmap, info, metrics, browser, dupdetector, doctor, organizer, finder and renamer.
In the metric tab we can find all the info of the fonts, we can see a graphic with the font and view the height, ascent, descent, external and internal leading, and more.
In the dupdetector tag we can search our fonts in the pc, in the doctor can add fonts and fix problems.
The toolbar handles the different sizes of the font, styles, search, settings, print and help.
With the settings button we can select the tags that we want to see, add a sentence for see with differents fonts, align, the color of the fonts, uninstall and misc.
This program is useful for people that work with art or design too.

Paula Ledesma
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  • Find all the info of the fonts
  • See a graphic with the font.
  • The doctor can add fonts and fix problems


  • Has no disadvantages
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